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You select one of our products: 


  • Plan In First Draft - Rapid review 

  • Plan In First Draft - Detailed review 

  • Plan In First Draft - Outline draft/ Template


Tell us requirements, filling out a simple form which will capture:


  • A description of the document you want us to review or create

  • Details of any additional documents you wish us to review and a brief description of these e.g. title, subject matter whether published, length

  • When you need the Plan In First Draft product by

  • Invoicing details


We will assess your requirements, usually within 72 hours, and then tell you how we can help you. We will:

  • Briefly outline our proposed approach 

  • Highlight where we can add value and any limitations we envisage

  • Tell you when we can provide the document

  • Send you payment details, including options to pay by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.


If you want to go ahead, once your payment is received, we will get started. Drawing on the Plan in knowledge hub, we will analyse and comment your document on or create a first draft document for you.


Once complete, we will send you the document(s) based on the First Draft Product you selected. 


We are confident in the quality of our support and know you will be too. So if we have missed the mark or for any reason, you are not happy with the First Draft Product your recieve, we will refund your payment (deducting a 5% administrative fee).  No questions asked.

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